About the dlt

Division Leadership Team


Angela Yu

Hi everyone! I'm Angela Yu from Westview and I'll be serving as one of the division 37 south's executive assistants this term. I'm very honored to have received this position and will work to improve communication between the division and club level, to promote impactful volunteer events throughout the division, and of course to support our lieutenant governor, Haley, with whatever she might need. I'm looking forward to this next term and can't wait to see what it holds!

Executive Assistant



Myra Dayrit

Hi Redbulls! My name is Myra Dayrit and I'm going to be a senior at Mt. Carmel next school year! I'm so excited to be your executive assistant for the 2020-2021 term that deals with all MRF matters! My goal for this term is to be able to complete the division MRF on time fully by reaching out to receive all club MRF's on time. Fun fact about me: I love playing volleyball and water polo!

Executive Assistant

Mt. Carmel


Angie Vo

Hey Red Bulls! I'm Angie and I'm your Division News Editor and Westview Key Club's President. My main goal is to bring new elements to the division newsletter by incorporating some of the ideas l used throughout my previous term as VP. With things such as a "Service Hour Leaderboard" and a Goal Meter, the whole division can acknowledge each home club's hard work throughout the term. I hope to see you all at future DCMs!  Thanks guys!

News Editor


Parmida Jannesari

What’s poppin Redbulls? I'm your Division Media Coordinator Parmida from Del Norte, and I'm really looking forward to my first year of being on Key Club, as well as the leadership team. My goals for the term are to capture the most memorable moments from events to share with our amazing community. I believe everyone has their key club moment sometime within being in the division. My key club moment was during one of the events - making dog toys for poodles! We got a message that our Ltg was coming back with boba. Everyone got excited and started to wrap up for the day, offering the owners of the foundation to help clean up. At that moment I realized this community resembled a beautiful representation of what culture at key club was like, and I instantly fell in love with it. I hope that during my time serving as Media Coordinator, I get to witness more members experience their key club moment as I did mine!

Media & Tech

Del Norte



Joy Xu

hi everyone! i'm joy xu and i'm one of the spirit coordinators for this upcoming term. i hope to be able to provide our division lots of merch, cheers, and an overall fun time;) hope you all are staying safe and keeping your distance.

Spirit Coordinator



Andrew Nguyen

Hey Redbulls my name is Andrew Nguyen and I will be a senior attending Mt. Carmel HS. I hope everyone is staying safe in quarantine and l can't wait to work with all of you. I'm excited to show you all the amazing cheers we're making and win that spirit stick!

Spirit Coordinator

Mt. Carmel


Erin Chin

Hey Redbulls! My name is Erin Chin and I'm one of your spirit coordinators and Westview Key Club's Secretary. I hope to encourage our division to be more enthusiastic and spirited. By helping to create amazing cheers for our division and incorporating choreography, I look forward to a wonderful term. I'm so excited and hope to get to know more of you!

Spirit Coordinator



Jaclyn Ha

Hi Redbulls. I'm Jaclyn Ha your Member Recognition Coordinator for this term. I’ve been proudly serving Key Club for 3 years oncoming 4 and can’t wait to see how far D37S can go once again. I’m ready to recognize all of our most diligent and passionate members, award officers for their amazing work, encourage members to get more involved within the division, and celebrate our outstanding achievements. I hope to see our division's attendance, fundraising, and overall fun increase even more  this year as we serve together. Feel free to ask me any questions at any time. I’m here as an assistant to serve you! I'm random and very spontaneous, but I love talking and getting to know you all. Let's work hard and make this year the best one yet!

Member Recognition

Canyon Crest


Minju Kim

Hi it's Minjul! I'm a rising sophomore at DNHS and I’m so so excited to serve as your Service Project Coordinator for the 2020-21 school year! I’ll be working to set up super fun events for you guys to enjoy and participate in. My goal is for everyone to experience their Key Club moment at an event I set up. I can't wait to get to know more of you guys!! Let's make it a great year Redbulls!!

Service Project Coordinator

Del Norte


Aly Lee

Hey Red Bulls! I'm Aly Lee and I'm so excited to serve as one of your fundraising coordinators this upcoming term. I can't wait to share all my ideas and I'll work my hardest towards ensuring our division's financial success. Looking forward to another amazing year!

Fundraising Coordinator



Logan Schmid

What’s up Redbulls! I’m Logan Schmid and I’ve been given the honor of working alongside Aly as one of your division fundraising coordinators this term! I will be a senior at Mt. Carmel so you already know I’m planning on making the most out of every event this term. Over the year, I want to help ensure that our division holds a variety of fundraisers that are fun and engaging, as well as work with Aly to make sure every club can get the help they need with achieving their fundraising goals. In addition to serving as a part of our division, I basically spend the majority of my time running and binging random videos on Youtube. I look forward to another term of working in the DLT and seeing you all around!

Fundraising Coordinator

Mt. Carmel


Kyle Wong

Hey D37S Redbulls, I'm Kyle Wong from Cathedral Catholic and I will be serving you guys as Division Historian. Fun fact about me: I can do the splits and I love baking, especially bread. This term, I want to help promote and  capture all of your hard work serving the community. I can't wait to serve and have fun with all of you guys this term!


Cathedral Catholic